Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i need a spendervention!!

As you know, economic times are tough and with two mortgage payments I was living under the tight grip of The Budget Nazi, aka: Hubby. Now that we sold the house, the grip has been loosened... just a wee little bit. So where is this lassie headed you ask? Why Marshalls and TJ Maxx of course! I can get the same products sold in expensive department stores for a fraction of the price. What's not to love?

I am embarrassed to say that yes, these are my kitchen towels. Yes, they are ripped, stained and bleached and yes, I was using Christmas towels all year. Consider this the BEFORE picture. Now, feast your eyes on the after!
Aren't they purty?? Instead of paying $20 for high end kitchen towels, I paid a mere $10. Goodbye ratted and nasty kitchen towels.... hello dreamy new ones! Thanks TJ Maxx!!

I have been trying to find something to go in this little nook above the stove. Nothing I had looked right. It was either too small, too big or just not suited for the kitchen. What's a lassie to do? Go to Marshalls of course!

This little plaque works perfectly and incorporates all the colors of the kitchen. This new look only cost Hubby me $15 instead of $35. Sweet!

This was our mantle before I mandated a little 'spendervention'. It is large and definitely lacking color.
Here is the after product. Can you believe I found the same color green that we have in the adjoining kitchen?! I was so excited!

See how easy it is to make just a few easy and inexpensive updates. All you need is a quick spendervention trip to TJ Maxx and Marshalls. So go on, get out there and treat yourself to a little something. You'll be happy you did!