Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Shopportunities?

Marshalls gave me a Top Secret Mission - a Secret Santa Mission that is. Find something super fabulous for someone that I have. never. met. Oh, you read that right. I was sent off shopping for a fellow blogger that I do not know. Talk about a challenge! But I knew that if I was going to find a great gift, Marshalls was the place to shop!

First stop - Home Goods. I am a sucker for gadgets, dishes and colored vases and I was not disappointed! I did find these winetastic party napkins for the Merlot lover in me:

Now... on to shop for my secret santa! Wait..... what's that over there?? Ooooo, sassy black and white thank you notes. A definite MUST during the season of gift giving. I wonder is my secret santa would like those. Hmmmm. Oh I will put them in my cart anyway!

Ok, now what to get my secret... GASP!!!


Take a deep breathe there lassie, remember you are shopping for someone else. What?!? These Enzo Angiolini boots that retail for almost $200 are only $29.99!! Oh I definitely can't walk away from a deal like that! Mmmmm, momma loves her new boots.

Now - on to shop for my secret santa! I am sure it won't hurt to take a quick browse through the sweater section. It is getting a wee bit chilly in the Midwest these days and maybe I could find something to go with my new boots. Looking... perfect! Yes, this lassie found the perfect brown Limited sweater for more then half off!

Yes, yes. I know. Secret Santa. Well don't worry. This little lassie found an amazing gift for an amazing price for her secret santa, but I can't share what it is yet! I will be sure to keep you posted. What about you? Do you have a fabulous find that you want to share? Let me know!

Don't forget that Marshalls and T.J. Maxx have joined together for a "Carol-oke" contest. One lucky person will win a $5,000 holiday shopping spree - just for singing their favorite holiday tune! Check out the Caroling Channel for your chance to win AND for each off price Carol-oke video that is uploaded, a charity donation will be made. It's a win win!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vitalize Me!

Do you have that beauty product you just can't live without? Having fair skin and living in the Midwest my poor Irish skin takes a beating. That is why I have been such a huge fan of the Bioelements skin care line. I love what their products do for my skin and am secretly addicted to the smell of their products.

The Bioelements masters have been at it again! Now, not only can you have professional skin care for you face, but your body as well. Vitalization is a rich intensity body cream designed to make a major difference in the appearance of your skin. Do you battle dryness in the winter? Suffer from lackluster skin texture? Missing that 'glow'? Well fear no more! Vitalization banishes dryness, smoothes and restores radiance and encourages a firmer body.

With my fair Irish skin, I suffer from all of the above. I am always in search of "the perfect moisturizer." I am happy to say my search is done! Vitalization handles all of my skins issues with no artificial colors, fragrances or alcohol. I also love that Vitalization is not greasy and keeps my skin soft all day long. Throw in that addicting fragrance of all their natural ingredients and this Lassie can take on the coldest of winters! Who wouldn't want to coat their body in sunflower, grape, black currant, apricot, red tea and cloves? Kind of makes a girl hungry reading their ingredient list!

Want some even better news? Since 1991, Bioelements has only been available in exclusive salons and spas. NOW Bioelements has their own website! You get FREE shipping with any $35 purchase as well as THREE FREE samples. I can't think of a better reason to give it a try.... can you?

Thanks Bioelements for Vitalizing my skin!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Smelly Washers - Be Gone!

Being the mother of boys, I am quite familiar with the odors and smells that come along with them. Laundry is a never ending drama in this Lassie's house. Did I mention we live on a lake and that one of the boys plays football. You can smell where I'm coming from can't you?

Well, between the football stench and the moldy smell in the towels because no one seems to remember to hang them to dry, *ahem*, I am often at a loss as to how to get things smelling fresh around here.

Smelly Washer is an all natural way to remove mildew in your towels as well as all those nasty smells in your washing machine. You know the ones..... the ones no one likes to talk about. You can achieve all this freshness with only one Tbsp! Smelly Washer is also the only all natural washer cleaner available. But could it tackle the nasty smell which is the football uniform?? This Lassie had to put it to the test.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. While it did take longer to complete the load of laundry, it did get rid of the smells. The only downfall you ask - you have to run it through the wash twice; once with the smelly washer and then again with detergent. You also have to let the clothing soak for two hours and have already completed the 'two day cleaning of your washer step', so you have to have your day planned around de-mildewing your laundry.

The perks - no more mildew smell in my beach and bath towels and no worries of the repercussions of trying to get rid of the smell with bleach. You also get a whole year supply when you buy one 12 oz. bottle. Now that is definitely worth it!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Smelly Washer's website for more great tips on eliminating all the odors you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beauty Tip Tuesday!

Ok, I really wanted to save my 666th post for this Saturday but how is a Lassie supposed to not post ALL week? Well, I know it would be pretty easy to do but I'm dedicated, I'm ambitious, I'm.... are you buying any of this yet?? Yeah, I didn't think so.

So in honor of my 666th post I am going to tell you one of my favorite beauty tips and offer you a treat - a box of beauty - from Unilever! No tricks here I swear!
One of my new favorite beauty products is Pond's Original Clean towelettes. This all in one wash cloth cleans your face while removing even the toughest make-up. Can you believe it can even remove water proof mascara!? Amazing! It removes all the impurities from your skin - even deep in your pores. What girl doesn't need that? I love the fact that it gently cleans my face and removes my make-up in one easy step. Cause let's be honest, by the time I get around to washing my face I am exhausted. This is the perfect product for this lazy tired lassie.

With Pond’s towelettes, you can grab-and-go for quick, easy beauty maintenance! They even come in three different formulas: Original, Micro Dermabrasion and Age Defying. Plus they made Allure Magazine's list of BEST beauty products of the year!!

Ready for your treats? Leave a comment and you will be enetered to win a box of treats from Unilever including products from Dove, Vaseline, Pond's and Q-Tips. You even get a treat if you don't win the prize pack! Just go to Pond's website you can get a $1.50 off coupon to try them for yourself!! Now go on... treat yourself!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brandi Carlile Review

I made it! Ever have weeks where you feel like that? This week has definitely been one of those. Thank goodness Ann is hosting her weekly Virtual Girl's Night Out!! This Lassie needs one!

As part of this week's blog hopping extravaganza, I am hosting an uber fabulous giveaway. You know I am a HUGE fan of music. Love, love, love it. It is a trait that I have happily passed on to my boys. While none of us can sing worth a lick, we can dance and jig like nobodies business.

This week I am happy to introduce, thanks to One2One Network, a new up and coming musician. While her music isn't the type to get down and shake your booty too, it does have a great folksy sound. May I introduce you to Brandi Carlile and her new record Give Up the Ghost! My favorite song on the CD you query? Why it is definitely THIS SONG - Dreams.

When I first heard her latest CD I was immediately reminded of the Indigo Girls. Well no wonder! She worked with Amy Ray on the song 'Looking Out'. Brandi also had the opportunity to work with Elton John, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers multi-instrumentalist Benmont Tench and drummer Chad Smith.

While I am not sure this CD will be a daily regular play, I can definitely see it as a road trip CD or played to help mellowing out after a long day. Of course, it's the perfect fit for tonight while I veg out in front of the fire with my large glass of Merlot. Mmmmmm, I can feel the relaxation now!

Want you own chance to win Brandi's latest CD, 'Give Up The Ghost'? Leave a comment with your email and you will be entered. I will pick and post the winner at next week's VGNO! See you then!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Diamond Princess Has Evolved!!

I met this amazing guy who works for Eden Fantasys at BlogHer in Chicago this summer. I loved his personality, his honesty, his humor. I could have easily hung out with him all night shooting the stuff over drinks. He asked if I do reviews. Why yes, I do. And so it all began.

I have to admit I was a bit leery to do a review on something so... personal. We are all human, have human urges and act on them according to how comfortable we feel about ourselves and out partners. I thoroughly love my Hubby and we tend to look for, shall I say, adventure? But not too adventurous because, in all honesty, some of those vibrators really scare me. They are all pink, sparkly and have a bunch of moving parts. That's a lot for this girl to try and digest in the moment. I don't like to think too much when it comes to that area of my life so I was very pleased when he sent me something simple - the Diamond Princess.
I loved that it wasn't pink and sparkly and quite honestly... I am a fan of the bling. It has a soft velvety texture - not plasticy. It is also very user friendly. I also like that on Edens website, you can see the actual size of the vibrator you are looking for. This leads to no surprises when you get the uber discreet box in the mail. I knew just what I was expecting. I also love that they have various other thing like lingerie, massage oils and edible puddings! They even have books - a girl's gotta have her books!

So with the holidays right around the corner why not add some adult gifts to your list. I am sure on that list, it doesn't matter if you were naughty or nice. In fact, it is probably better if you were naughty!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Between Me and the River

It has been a long time since I have read a memoir. It has been an even longer time since I read one that I could not put down. Of course, I have never read a memoir from Harlequin!

Between Me and the River: Living Beyond Cancer - A Memoir is a beautifully written and heartfelt book about the trials and triumphs of a patient with Carcinoid Cancer. Author Carrie Host offers a more then honest view into her daily life and the emotional struggles she faced while being diagnosed with such a deadly disease. She demonstrates through her writing that hope is a powerful thing:

"Cancer takes you to places that you'll never really completely come back from/ Sometimes, while all is still but the rustle of the leaves, I'll hear that angel's wings brushing the ice....."

This is one of my favorite samples of her amazing writing ability. Throughout the book, Host shares her fears, her discussions with God, her love for her husband, family and friends. With the love of her family and the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, Host overcame some of the most unbeatable odds. Host learned to put aside her pride and rely on others, even with the hardest of all tasks, raising her ten month old son. It was also through this struggle that she rediscovered a long lost love - writing.

This book really made me think about how I (and my family) would react to this situation. I guess one never ever fully knows how they would react but I do wonder if I would be strong enough, would me faith carry me through? This book is definitely getting passed on to fellow friends and survivors. It also makes a great book to give to those in the trenches of cancer. What better way to soothe the body then feed the mind?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tuesday tunage - rock of ages

Are you ready to rock?!? I was all about 80's rock and hair bands. Warrant, Twisted Sister, Poison, Whitesnake..... sigh. I could go on and on.

Did you know that New Line Records has releases a CD off the Original Broadway Cast Recording of five-time Tony Award nominated "ROCK OF AGES." For those of you not in the know, Rock of Ages is the new Broadway musical starring American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis. Want a sneak peek at some of the recording action? Check it out!

Here is the background: The musical is set in 1987 in a legendary Sunset Strip rock club. As fate has it, a small-town girl meets a big-city dreamer and they fall in love to the greatest metal songs of the 80's. The musical is an arena-rock love story told through the mind-blowing, face-melting hits of Journey, Bon Jovi, Styx,Reo Speedwagon, Pat Benatar and more.
You won't believe what songs are on this album! Here is a list of just a few of the hits:

Just Like Paradise / Nothin' But A Good Time
We Built This City / Too Much Time On My Hands
We're Not Gonna Take It
Waiting For A Girl Like You
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Cum On Feel The Noize / We're Not Gonna Take It (Reprise)
Harden My Heart / Shadows Of The Night
Here I Go Again
The Final Countdown
Any Way You Want It / I Wanna Rock (Reprise)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Can't Fight This Feeling
Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Don't tell me you aren't already singing along after reading some of those titles! And, I have to admit that I have a few favorites. First - let me warn you that Constantine Maroulis singing "I Wanna Rock" will instantly having you banging your head and rocking out. My other favorite is Amy Spanger and Constantine Maroulis singing a medley of "I Hate Myself For Loving You" and "The Heat of the Moment". Oh to be back in the 80s again!

So come on! Feel the noise, get the CD and rock on!! With that I am off to pull out my leather pants and tease my bangs!

A special thanks to One2One Network for making another Rock of Ages groupie!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i need a spendervention!!

As you know, economic times are tough and with two mortgage payments I was living under the tight grip of The Budget Nazi, aka: Hubby. Now that we sold the house, the grip has been loosened... just a wee little bit. So where is this lassie headed you ask? Why Marshalls and TJ Maxx of course! I can get the same products sold in expensive department stores for a fraction of the price. What's not to love?

I am embarrassed to say that yes, these are my kitchen towels. Yes, they are ripped, stained and bleached and yes, I was using Christmas towels all year. Consider this the BEFORE picture. Now, feast your eyes on the after!
Aren't they purty?? Instead of paying $20 for high end kitchen towels, I paid a mere $10. Goodbye ratted and nasty kitchen towels.... hello dreamy new ones! Thanks TJ Maxx!!

I have been trying to find something to go in this little nook above the stove. Nothing I had looked right. It was either too small, too big or just not suited for the kitchen. What's a lassie to do? Go to Marshalls of course!

This little plaque works perfectly and incorporates all the colors of the kitchen. This new look only cost Hubby me $15 instead of $35. Sweet!

This was our mantle before I mandated a little 'spendervention'. It is large and definitely lacking color.
Here is the after product. Can you believe I found the same color green that we have in the adjoining kitchen?! I was so excited!

See how easy it is to make just a few easy and inexpensive updates. All you need is a quick spendervention trip to TJ Maxx and Marshalls. So go on, get out there and treat yourself to a little something. You'll be happy you did!

Friday, June 19, 2009

haiku - oh how i love the cube

Looking for a deal?
Well there's a new girl in town
With all the new trends.

Want a great bargain
But still have the coolest looks
With money to spare?

Kelly's the new girl
Who hangs out at the Cube
It's inside Marshalls!

The same hot brand names
But for only half the price
Who hid my wallet??

A unique boutique
That's easy and fun to shop,
Navigate and browse!

But wait... could it be??
Shoes, bags and sunglasses too
It must be heaven!!

Can you believe it!?
Two hundred dollars in clothes
70% off!!

Yes, you heard me right
All that stuff for sixty bucks
This Lassie sure scored!

Two new Roxy shirts
And a new black dress.

Oh, and don't forget
My favorite purchase of all
A new Roxy purse!

So grab your wallet
And head over to Marshalls
Kelly is at the Cube!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

are you getting fresh with me??

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a 20 something year old entrepreneur? Yeah me to! Well Dove and Gossip Girl are going to let us live out that fantasy vicariously though four up and coming women. These girls are real and amazing. The new video series introduces four real girls from Manhattan’s Upper East Side who grew up in the same NYC hotbed as characters of Gossip Girl. These real girls have followed their passions to define their own successes in life. They took life by the hands and went after their real dreams.

Their real stories are being shared to encourage all 20-something girls to live life with a fresh perspective and inspire others to pursue their dreams as they juggle common life pressures such as careers, relationships, beauty, finances, family and friends.

And don't forget to check out Doves new line of Go Fresh products. This new line is fragrance-driven with four deliciously flavors! They are available in beauty bars, body wash, deodorants and matching body mists. What are you waiting for?? We can all use a little burst in our beauty routine!
Real Women. True Stories. Fresh Gossip.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tuesday tunage - trebellina review

I am taking a different spin this for this week's edition of Tuesday Tunage. This week it is for the kiddies! Oh ok, and parents too.
I had the opportunity to review Cristofori Baby Company's new DVD, Trebellina. Trebellina is supposed to be a revolutionary music series aimed at teaching little ones, ages 1-4, musical concepts, instrument names and sounds. The DVD is supposed to help young children develop pitch and teach them to read music in a fun and interactive manner. Since Grady loves music and sings all the time, I thought it would be a perfect fit.

I was all excited as Grady and I took our places on the couch. I had watched the video previews but was not sure how my almost four year old would like it. Initially he liked trying to mimic Trebellina singing the notes. Trebellina would say the name of the note and then demonstrate it by singing it. Sounds simple enough. Then they introduce two of the other characters as well a variety of musical instruments. Sadly, after about 10 minutes of the program, my son lost interest and walked out of the room. I tried a few day later to get him to watch it again to no avail.

I personally, was not impressed. As an parent and educator I have seen a lot of different ways to engage children with music. I personally would rather expose my child to a variety of different musics then try and teach them the names and sounds of the specific notes. Sadly, my pre-schooler felt the same way. While I do feel the DVD is very educational and has a lot of great ideas, I just don't feel it was appropriate for a young child. I am sure younger children would like it just from the cartoon and music stand point, but the academics of it was lost on my 3 year old. I will try and revisit the DVD when he is a bit older, but for now Trebellina will be filed away.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

thursday thirteen - caress me

I had the glorious opportunity to try out Caress's new Evenly Gorgeous exfoliating body wash. Now, in all honesty, I am an 'in and out' kind of girl when it comes to the shower. Usually because I have little leprechauns running amok, causing chaos or trying to dismember each other. Relaxing showers have indeed become a luxury of the past. But this lassie was willing to give it a try and boy am I glad I did! Want my reasons for now trying to take a daily shower? Read on!

1. Evenly Gorgeous is made with burnt brown sugar and karite butter. It smells divine! Though I have gotten a few concerned glances when I was caught sniffing myself.

2. I now have even toned and radiant skin so I can sport all my sassy and hip skirts!

3. It exfoliates and moisturizes. I love something that does double duty!

4. It got Carson to go into the closet with Kim Kardashian! Wonder how I can get him into mine....

5. Warning - It will make you want to lick your arm.

6. I can flaunt the latest trends and feel confident doing it.

7. Because gorgeous skin is always in style.

8. Hubby likes the smell - not too flowery or sweet. He too has gotten some curious glances as he was trying to sniff me in public. Ooops!

9. I love trying on the latest styles on my very own virtual me.

10. The directions on the bottle specifically say I can "ignore the knocks on the door." Sweet!

11. I am always ready to reveal my daring side.

12. I could win a trip for two to New York's fashion week, stay at a swanky hotel and hang with Carson Kressley. Hell-LO! Who wouldn't want that??

13. You can even try a free sample. Yes, that's right... A FREE SAMPLE!

Not convinced yet? Try it for yourself. Believe me, you will be happy you did!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

arrr, so ye want yerself a pirate eh?

Even though I live in an Irish wonderland and am constantly trampled by wee little leprechauns, Hubby has recently switched gears and turned my leprechauns into scallywags. While he was so bold to anoint himself captain, he was kind enough to make me his first mate. When I tried to put up a scuffle he said there was only room for one Captain on this ship and it wasn't me. Seriously?? Hmmpf. We'll see who gets promoted to captain when his laundry doesn't get done!

So when Captain Billy contacted me about his new book, Cap’N Billy “The Butcher” MacDougall’s Guide to Pirate Parenting, I quickly jumped on board. What better way to handle the pirate uprising in my house then with a little insurgence on the high seas?

If you or your child loves pirates you need to check out this book. Heck, even if you don't like pirates, you need to check out this book! I mean, let's be honest. Your kids already smell like pirates don't they? It would make for an easy transition! Plus it is the number four reason for raising your child as a pirate. One down, nine to go!

Guide To Pirate Parenting gives you ideas for online pirate dating, turning your minivan into a schooner and even helping your teen pirate resist peer pressure (the pirate way of course!) Have a newborn baby pirate? Check out Cap'N Billy's lullabies for landlubbers. My personal favorite is Rock-A-Bye Pirate. Sigh... I bet that would have put my boys to sleep back in the day! He even helps you convince your kids they want to do chores. What kid would pass up a chance to swab the poop deck?

As for this pirate wench? Why ye be able to find me sailing the 'Festering Pillager' from now on with me crew of scurvy dogs. Now go! Be a pirate parent. Yer children will thank ye for it!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tuesday tunage - yanni voices

Yanni and producer Ric Wake have outdone themselves once again. After two years of hard work, and four of the most new and talented young voices in music today, Yanni is debuting another fantastic album, "Voices". Yanni's new CD features the extraordinary voices of four up and coming young singers; Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas and Leslie Mills. They sing some of Yanni's classics as well as debuting some of their own new music!

I grew up listening to Yanni and was very excited when he had a new CD coming out. While it is definitely not like his past work, it does have a lot of more upbeat and powerful songs. My favorite vocalist on the album is Leslie Mills, especially her song 'The Keeper'. I fell in love with it the very first time I listened to it. In fact, I hit replay just so I could hear it again! her other song, 'Before the Night Ends' is also truly amazing.

If you are looking for traditional Yanni I suggest listening to 'Our Days', 'Orchid' or 'Moments Without Time'. All are beautifully orchestrated and reminiscent of the Yanni of years gone by.

Don't forget that Yanni Voices is also touring! One2One Network wants to give you an opportunity to experience these phenomenal singers first hand. You can listen to a preview of these amazing singers and find out when Yanni Voices is coming to a city near you! His "Voices" tour starts April 10 so be sure to get your tickets early! .

Friday, March 27, 2009

haiku friday - buff up your lips

Do you have chapped lips
Dry, cracked and not kissable
Flaky, peeling skin?

Alas! Fear no more
Bioelements is here

It is called Lip Buff
Yummy sugar cane crystals
Citrus and mint oils

Reduces fine lines
Sweeps away dead peeling skin
Dryness disappears

Nothing synthetic
Not tested on animals
Purely organic

So take back your lips!
Make them youthful once again
And pucker away!!

Haiku Friday

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything for them? Even if it meant giving up what ultimately meant the most to you - them?

Stephen Lovely's debut novel Irreplaceable visits a topic that many families and couples, thankfully, do not have to encounter often, organ donation. Lovely takes you through the emotions and turmoil associated with loosing a loved on at such a young age while incorporating the joy of receiving new life.

When Alex's young wife Isabel dies suddenly, he is faced with granting Isabel her final wish - organ donation. Janet Corcoran, a 34 year old mother of two, is on the receiving end of Isabel's traumatic death. After years of suffering heart disease and secretly wishing for a 'new' heart of her own, Janet gets her wish. What Janet doesn't realize is that along with the joy of receiving a new life comes the guilt that goes with taking the life, the heart, of another.

Lovely also explores the newly formed friendship between Isabel's and Janet's mothers. While the mothers seek solace and enjoy their new found friendship, the relationship troubles Alex. He doesn't want to know about Janet, her family and the life they are living. Add in the driver of the car that killed Isabel, Jasper, and the circle of life continues to expand.

Irreplaceable is impeccably written and provides true and honest emotions without being overly sappy. It is definitely a book worth reading! Put it on your nightstand today!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

signed, sealed, delivered - i'm yours!

Seal has always been one of my favorite male vocal artists. His deep romantic voice can always provoke instant heart flutters in this lassie. I try to ignore the fact that he has a SUPER gorgeous wife and imagine he is still singing all those songs to me. Hey - a girl can dream!

Well, Seal has been busy and has released another albulm, "Soul". One2One network and Warner Bros Records have been working together to spread the news about this amazing television premiere! This record is definitely swoon worthy with 12 of his classic love songs plus some great extras. Remember "If You Don't Know Me By Now"? *** sigh***

Believe me, you DON'T want to miss Seal tonight! He will premiere his concert on PBS tonight, Feb 12 at 9pm (CST). Be sure to check your local listings for the exact times. Want to know all the songs Seal will sing tonight? Click HERE for a full list. You will see all your romantic favorites plus a few renditions.

So grab your honey, snuggle up on the couch and get ready for a super romantic television concert. You'll be glad you did!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

shopping on a budget after the holidays

You made it! The holidays are over, parties were attended, gifts were purchased and opened. But the question remains: Did you get everything you wanted this holiday season? If today's economy and the thoughts of holiday bills have you singing the blues - look no further. Leading off-price retailer Marshalls is sure to be able to help beat any post holiday blues! I love Marshalls because Marshalls knows trends. They have designer brands and all the season's trendiest looks all in one store! Marshalls provides the same quality merchandise for 20-60% less than department stores and high end boutiques. These excellent prices just don't happen during the holidays. You can experience these great low prices every day. Even on famous designers, like one of my favorites:

If you know Jessica, you know that her beautiful designs and dresses come at a steep price. On my last excursion to Marshalls I stumbled across a very sassy black JMC jacket.

When I saw who the designer was I almost kept walking. Boy am I glad I didn't! Can you believe this was the price tag?! Yes that's right - I got a $155.00 jacket for $15.00. That is over 96% off suggested retail! The jacket is beautiful and I am planning on wearing it to BlissDom in February. Though I will admit, I did wear it to a Christmas party already! It just proves that anyone can splurge on something fun, even on a strict budget.

Since I scored such bargains at Marshalls, I decided to head next door to T.J. Maxx for something to spruce up the house after the holidays. Once again, I was pleased with the wide variety of designer name brands. I headed to the back of the store to the home decor section. Since I had just redone the bathroom I was looking for some funky new art work to decorate the walls. This is what I found. Now, I will share that this artwork was originally $50, but can you guess how much I actually paid? I'll wait while you ponder the possibilities...... ready yet? Good. Well you be happy to know that you were way off with your guess. This lassie only paid $10 for this amazing piece of artwork. And it looks absolutely fabulous in my bathroom!

So, whether you are looking for the perfect black dress or the latest trends, TJ MAxx and Marshalls will have what you need. I guarentee that you will find all the designer brands you love without the designer prices. Think of them as the solutions to your resolutions!!