Thursday, May 7, 2009

thursday thirteen - caress me

I had the glorious opportunity to try out Caress's new Evenly Gorgeous exfoliating body wash. Now, in all honesty, I am an 'in and out' kind of girl when it comes to the shower. Usually because I have little leprechauns running amok, causing chaos or trying to dismember each other. Relaxing showers have indeed become a luxury of the past. But this lassie was willing to give it a try and boy am I glad I did! Want my reasons for now trying to take a daily shower? Read on!

1. Evenly Gorgeous is made with burnt brown sugar and karite butter. It smells divine! Though I have gotten a few concerned glances when I was caught sniffing myself.

2. I now have even toned and radiant skin so I can sport all my sassy and hip skirts!

3. It exfoliates and moisturizes. I love something that does double duty!

4. It got Carson to go into the closet with Kim Kardashian! Wonder how I can get him into mine....

5. Warning - It will make you want to lick your arm.

6. I can flaunt the latest trends and feel confident doing it.

7. Because gorgeous skin is always in style.

8. Hubby likes the smell - not too flowery or sweet. He too has gotten some curious glances as he was trying to sniff me in public. Ooops!

9. I love trying on the latest styles on my very own virtual me.

10. The directions on the bottle specifically say I can "ignore the knocks on the door." Sweet!

11. I am always ready to reveal my daring side.

12. I could win a trip for two to New York's fashion week, stay at a swanky hotel and hang with Carson Kressley. Hell-LO! Who wouldn't want that??

13. You can even try a free sample. Yes, that's right... A FREE SAMPLE!

Not convinced yet? Try it for yourself. Believe me, you will be happy you did!!