Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beauty Tip Tuesday!

Ok, I really wanted to save my 666th post for this Saturday but how is a Lassie supposed to not post ALL week? Well, I know it would be pretty easy to do but I'm dedicated, I'm ambitious, I'm.... are you buying any of this yet?? Yeah, I didn't think so.

So in honor of my 666th post I am going to tell you one of my favorite beauty tips and offer you a treat - a box of beauty - from Unilever! No tricks here I swear!
One of my new favorite beauty products is Pond's Original Clean towelettes. This all in one wash cloth cleans your face while removing even the toughest make-up. Can you believe it can even remove water proof mascara!? Amazing! It removes all the impurities from your skin - even deep in your pores. What girl doesn't need that? I love the fact that it gently cleans my face and removes my make-up in one easy step. Cause let's be honest, by the time I get around to washing my face I am exhausted. This is the perfect product for this lazy tired lassie.

With Pond’s towelettes, you can grab-and-go for quick, easy beauty maintenance! They even come in three different formulas: Original, Micro Dermabrasion and Age Defying. Plus they made Allure Magazine's list of BEST beauty products of the year!!

Ready for your treats? Leave a comment and you will be enetered to win a box of treats from Unilever including products from Dove, Vaseline, Pond's and Q-Tips. You even get a treat if you don't win the prize pack! Just go to Pond's website you can get a $1.50 off coupon to try them for yourself!! Now go on... treat yourself!


JoJo said...

I LOVE the Ponds wipes... they are such a beautysaver as a busy mom (I don't know if I can QUITE say they actually save my life... but they certainly save my beauty!).