Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Diamond Princess Has Evolved!!

I met this amazing guy who works for Eden Fantasys at BlogHer in Chicago this summer. I loved his personality, his honesty, his humor. I could have easily hung out with him all night shooting the stuff over drinks. He asked if I do reviews. Why yes, I do. And so it all began.

I have to admit I was a bit leery to do a review on something so... personal. We are all human, have human urges and act on them according to how comfortable we feel about ourselves and out partners. I thoroughly love my Hubby and we tend to look for, shall I say, adventure? But not too adventurous because, in all honesty, some of those vibrators really scare me. They are all pink, sparkly and have a bunch of moving parts. That's a lot for this girl to try and digest in the moment. I don't like to think too much when it comes to that area of my life so I was very pleased when he sent me something simple - the Diamond Princess.
I loved that it wasn't pink and sparkly and quite honestly... I am a fan of the bling. It has a soft velvety texture - not plasticy. It is also very user friendly. I also like that on Edens website, you can see the actual size of the vibrator you are looking for. This leads to no surprises when you get the uber discreet box in the mail. I knew just what I was expecting. I also love that they have various other thing like lingerie, massage oils and edible puddings! They even have books - a girl's gotta have her books!

So with the holidays right around the corner why not add some adult gifts to your list. I am sure on that list, it doesn't matter if you were naughty or nice. In fact, it is probably better if you were naughty!